Our Values

Our Roots
Zen Peek started with a group of young entrepreneurs from Montreal, Canada determined to offer quality products to a specific community of people who enjoy life to the fullest, in their own way.

Enjoy Life
Living in a fast paced world, we often forget to take time for ourself and enjoy the little things. Our products are aimed to get you out of that never ending cycle and bring you a feeling of joy and happiness.

Connecting with our customers
Our vision is to create a great community of enthusiastic people who love life, connect with our planet and those who cherish human connections. Our products are aimed at achieving this statement in the near future and we're hoping you can help us do it.

Protecting Animals
We are proud to say that at Zen Peek we do not test our products on animals and we only purchase ingredients from suppliers who do not test on animals, certified Vegan. We are currently in the process of getting our company recognized by PETA in their "Beauty Without Bunnies" program which consists of a searchable database of companies who do and do not test their products on animals.

Plant a Tree
We partnered ouselves with organisations that have the same goals and values as us in order to offer you the best experience possible. For each order you place, you will have the opportunity to donate a dollar to plant a tree. "One Tree Planted" was born out of the realization that reforestation was something that almost everyone cared about, but few felt they could get involved with. That's where One Tree Planted came along with this great idea! Please visit their website if you need more information or you want to get involved. www.onetreeplanted.org

We are here for you
If you have any questions about our vision or products do not hesitate to contact us at support@zenpeek.com